Zurich – Ten of the most promising life sciences startups in Switzerland will have the chance to introduce themselves to potential clients, partners and investors in Boston this June. Four of the ten selected startups are based in the Greater Zurich Area.

The jury of the Venture Leaders program has selected ten startups from the life sciences sector to embark on a roadshow in Boston, where they will have the opportunity to introduce themselves to potential clients, partners and investors. This trip is the ideal springboard for ambitious startups on their way to global expansion.

This year, the selected startups include four companies from the Greater Zurich Area. Among them is 4D Lifetec AG from Cham ZG, which is developing a fast and cost-effective assay to help identify lung and prostate cancers earlier. The company’s liquid biopsy assay device is currently undergoing clinical testing.

Medyria AG from Winterthur will be travelling to Boston as well. The startup has created a sensor that measures a catheter’s location during aneurysm repairs, helping to reduce the risk of spinal injuries during surgery.

Zurich-based Positrigo AG is also among the selected venture leaders. The company is developing a scanner that can help with the early detection of Alzheimer’s disease. The startup’s innovation is ten times cheaper than traditional PET scanners.

With TOLREMO Therapeutics, another startup from Zurich is also going to Boston. TOLREMO Therapeutics is creating molecules that eradicate drug resistant cancer cells at the start of a therapy. These molecules can be combined with existing drugs.

Alongside these four startups from the Greater Zurich Area, Juvabis from Stansstad NW, Pattern BioSciences from Basel, Resistell from Muttenz BL, Scailyte  from Sursee LU, Synendos Therapeutics from Bern and Volumina Medical SA from Ecublens VD are also heading to Boston. Juvabis, Pattern BioSciences and Scailyte are all spin-offs from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETH).

The startups will all meet at the Startup Champions Seed Night in Lausanne on 11 April.

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