Zurich - Locatee has secured 7.1 million euros in a funding round. The startup has developed a software to record the capacity of office areas in a fully automated process. This should help to optimize space utilization.

Locatee has secured 7.1 million euros of fresh capital in a funding round according to a press release. Investments were made by venture capitalists such as SmartFinVerve VenturesFYRFLY Venture PartnersTomahawk VCSwiss Immo Lab, and Zürcher Kantonalbank.

Locatee secures 7.1 million euros
Growing importance of Workplace Analytics: Locatee

The Zurich-based startup has developed a software to optimize space utilization in office buildings. The software takes the required capacity data from existing IT infrastructures, motion sensors or WLAN networks.

The solution aims to help those responsible for real estate at large companies to make fact-based decisions on their office buildings. Employees can also benefit from the use of the software, as they can for example be shown where to find available work desks.

Locatee expects the occupancy analytics market volume to grow to over 5 billion US dollars by 2025. It adds that this is related to the change in the role of offices that has been significantly expedited by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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