Baar ZG – The MedTech firm Medela has more than trebled production of its respiratory tract suction pumps. This means the company has been able to react to hugely increased demand as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

Medela primarily manufactures medical pumps. The MedTech firm is headquartered in Baar and serves the global market. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the company was subject to urgent demand. To this end, Medela has more than trebled production of surgical and airway suction solutions in Switzerland, as detailed in a press release. “The devices facilitate important suction and fluid removal during respiratory treatment using respirators”, Medela states further in the press release. “The expansion of the production facilities is aimed at covering the rising, acute needs of hospitals and other healthcare institutions across all five continents”.

Medela manufactures portable suction solutions that work on an independent basis from centralized vacuum conduct systems, with only a marginal infection risk for nurses and patients. These products are said to be critical “for the maintenance of lung hygiene to support care and recovery in patients”, comments Annette Brüls, CEO of Medela, in the press release. Although the company has done everything within its power to ramp up production, demand is still exceeding capacity.

For this reason, Medela has decided to open a new production facility for Vario 18 AC portable suction pumps in the USA. This would allow 10,000 additional units of this pump model to be supplied to hospitals and healthcare institutions by August. Medela operates production and storage facilities in Switzerland, the USA and China, while the press release also states that the company employs more than 1,800 staff around the world.

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