Zurich – Startup Mictic from the Greater Zurich Area has developed a wristband that uses body movements to create sound. The world's first body instrument has been developed to support musicians and performers in their work.

The Zurich startup Mictic hopes to revolutionize music-making with Mictic One. According to a press release, the wristband creates music based on body movement, which is identified by sensors integrated in the band. The registered sounds are transferred to a mobile phone and played via an app.

“I want to empower everyone to intuitively create music with their own body! Everybody should experience the excitement of hearing sounds connected to their movements, something unknown so far,” says Rolf Hellat, founder and CEO of Mictic. In the first instance, the wristband has been developed to support the work of musicians and dancers as well as other performers– when learning or composing a new piece, for example.

The app is able to play various instruments based on the body movements of the wristband wearer. It can also draw on less traditional sounds, generated by robots and light sabers, for example, so offers an innovative “creative tool” to younger artists as well.

After three years of developing the technology, Mictic plans to launch the product in 2020. The app is still being worked on. Pre-orders are being taken by the company to raise the funds required for continued development. The startup has joined forces with the Company Building Team of the Swiss Startup Factory to prepare for market entry.

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