Zurich – Switzerland is to become a centre for research into artificial intelligence. To this end, the Mindfire Foundation is now bringing the world’s top talent together in Davos. A blockchain solution will be protecting the intellectual property of the experts.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a hot topic at the moment. The Mindfire Foundation says that autonomous cars, software or AI diagnosis of cancer give the impression that this is already part of our everyday lives, when in fact human involvement is still necessary for all these examples. “Real artificial intelligence can only be created when we truly understand intelligence,” explains Pascal Kaufmann, neuroscientist and founder of the Mindfire Foundation, in a press release.

To better understand and imitate human intelligence, the Mindfire Foundation is inviting 50 specially selected international experts to Davos, Switzerland. Over the course of a week, the talent will think about brain research and AI with inspiration from a variety of seminars and lectures. This event is the first of ten successive Missions. Mindfire is hereby joining the global AI race and making Switzerland, specifically Davos, into an “epicentre of AI innovations”.

This global collaboration is made possible by safeguarding the intellectual property of each participant, using an individual safety feature developed on the basis of blockchain technology. These mindtokens are now patented and can be used to mark the ideas of participants, who receive voting rights but can also trade the tokens. “Mindfire can thus guarantee that intellectual property will be treated properly,” explained Foundation Board Member Lukas Sieber at a presentation in Zurich last November. As the tokens can also be traded, they represent an opportunity to create direct benefits for investors.

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