The new technology enables industrial applications to provide a secure link between real world events and enterprise systems, explains Myriad in a statement. This makes it possible to automatically report and repair errors, no matter where the object is located. 


The IoT button is only slightly bigger than a USB stick and can pass small payloads of information securely to Bright Wolf’s ZipLine, a visual IoT data management application. According to Myriad, the buttons solve many of the challenges associated with gathering data or providing reliable connectivity.


“Global enterprises can use ZipLine for ‘Repair, Replenish, and Report’ scenarios across a wide variety of industries, but until now they’ve been restricted to Wi-Fi enabled environments due to the connectivity limitations of previous IoT buttons in the market,” said Marc Phillips, director of marketing at Bright Wolf. 


The joint solution from Myriad and Bright Wolf overcomes this. Myriad’s network solution is based on Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM) technology, a standard used for digital mobile telephony systems.

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