Zurich - Switzerland Global Enterprise has selected Nispera as the winner of this year’s Export Award. The start-up managed to impress the jury with the rapid scalability of its smart data solution for monitoring systems that generate renewable energies.

Nispera has been presented with the Export Award by Switzerland Global Enterprise (S-GE). The Zurich-based company was chosen as the winner for this prize on account of its smart data solution for monitoring systems that produce renewable energies. In total, Nispera generates 80 percent of its sales via international markets. However, the company is striving to increase this figure to 97 percent.

Export Award 2021

The Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform is now being used at more than 150 wind farms and 250 photovoltaic plants in addition to 20 hydropower plants across more than 25 different countries. As detailed in a press release issued by the official Swiss organization for export and investment promotion, S-GE, Nispera impressed the jury “with its rapid scalability in the competitive energy market”. S-GE also highlighted this as part of a short promotional film for Nispera.

“I would like to congratulate Nispera on this success”, commented Ruth Metzler-Arnold, Chairwoman of the Supervisory Board of S-GE, during the award ceremony held at the Zurich Convention Center. “This start-up stands out in particular for its ability to empathize with its customers and incorporate their rapidly changing needs into its own work”, she added.

Alongside Nispera, the Basel-based telemedicine provider Medgate and the Thurgau family firm Penergetic International also reached the final for the award. With the Export Award, S-GE pays tribute each year to a company that has successfully gained a foothold abroad.

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