Lugano - NNAISENSE has launched an autonomous, learning control system for industrial manufacturing, logistics and smart cities on the market. It automates current Artificial Intelligence. This should facilitate a more rapid reconfiguration without any need for factory downtime.

NNAISENSE has announced the market launch of an autonomous control system. According to a press release, it will have the capability to reconfigure and manage entire industrial ecosystems without costly periods of downtime. The Lugano-based firm describes this system, dubbed Adaptive Rational Core (ARC), as the world’s first solution for Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), which represents a further development to current Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Up to now, AI has been limited by the simplicity and narrow scope of automation options. As a result, factory downtime for reconfigurations is an increasing cost for businesses faced with frequent changes and challenges in the supply chain. In addition, the optimization process of low-level automated machinery must be overseen by expert personnel. This, too, is expensive and time-consuming.

To resolve these issues, the ARC developed by NNAISENSE offers a solution that learns step by step. This control system is based on cognitive development robotics, otherwise known as Long Short-Term Memory (LSTM), which was first presented in 1997 by Jürgen Schmidhuber, among others. He heads up the Della Molle Institute for Artificial Intelligence at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland (SUPSI). Several of the founders of NNAISENSE are alumni of this AI lab.

“ARC is not only a huge efficiency driver for a variety of industries, but also marks a move away from narrow AI that has dominated the industrial landscape, towards applied AGI and Industry 5.0”, comments Bas Steunebrink, co-founder and Director of Artificial General Intelligence at NNAISENSE, in the press release.

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