Numab Therapeutics has started clinical trials on its first proprietary cancer antibody test. The international study is initially aiming to determine the optimal dosing for various cancer indications. Thereafter anti-tumor activity will be tested on certain tumors.

The oncology-focused biopharmaceutical company Numab Therapeutics is “writing the next chapter in cancer immunotherapy”, according to the company’s self-description. Numab manufactures multi-specific anti-bodies that open up new therapeutic opportunities. The clinical phase has now been started for the company’s most important drug candidate, the lead molecule NM21-1480, according to a press release.

This international, multi-centric Phase 1/2 clinical study will initially enroll up to 102 cancer patients at four major clinical centers across North America and Taiwan. Over time, additional hospitals will be included in the study. In this first study phase, the investigation will be centered on the safety and tolerability of increasing doses in patients with various forms of solid tumors with the aim of determining a recommended dose. After this, the anti-tumor activity of the compound will be explored in patients suffering from selected tumor types.

“Advancing NM21-1480 into clinical trials is an exciting and transformative step for Numab Therapeutics,” comments Founder and CEO, David Urech. “Our team has immense faith in the capability of NM21-1480 to invigorate anticancer immunity. The unique properties of this molecule are exemplary for our mission to deliver the highest quality of immuno-oncology drugs aiming at better patient outcomes.”

NM21-1480 represents a next-generation checkpoint modulator. Immune checkpoints are receptors that either reduce or increase, in other words modulate, the body’s immune response. The mechanism of action of the Numab modulator, which is now being tested, and its preclinical data suggest that it will be able to overcome several limitations associated with the current standard of therapy using checkpoint modulators.

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