Zurich – The e-government specialist Procivis is joining forces with Skribble. The plan is to integrate legally binding electronic signatures into the eID+ platform for digital identification from Procivis. This will make it possible to sign documents on a mobile phone.

Zurich company Procivis offers a digital identity platform called eID+. An electronic identity solution based on eID+ was launched for citizens in the canton of Schaffhausen back in June 2018. This provides access to a range of electronic government services, for example.

Now, Procivis has entered into a partnership with Skribble, a Zurich-based provider for electronic signatures. In the context of this collaboration, eID+ will be combined with the Skribble platform for qualified electronic signatures. This will allow users to now import documents, such as rental agreements or insurance policies, into their eID+ app and legally sign them electronically on their mobile phone with only two clicks, it was reported in a press release.

“While most transactions in everyday life, such as banking, shopping or using public services, can be done online, entering legal contracts still often requires for documents to be printed and physically signed,” Procivis explains. The partnership will help close this crucial gap and facilitate the end-to-end digitization of high-trust processes. It supports the overall ambition of Procivis to provide a complete solution for secure online processes in the field of e-government and public services. 

The two partners expect the integration of their solutions to be implemented and available to customers by the middle of 2019.

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