Lugano - Pharma Tech Holding SA has received a capital commitment from LDA Capital in the amount of 30 million Swiss francs. This will primarily allow Pharma Tech to invest in its portfolio company Blue Sky Swisse. The aim is for this firm to become a quality and cost leader for CBD oil.

The global investor LDA Capital has agreed to commit a sum of 30 million Swiss francs overall to Pharma Tech Holding (PTH) within a maximum of three years. As the company founded in 2019 and based in Lugano in the canton of Ticino has announced, it has the right to exercise this option at its own discretion. According to the information in the press release, PTH invests in innovative companies with a high technological value and scalability potential, mainly in Switzerland and Europe.

This investment will primarily allow PTH to invest in its portfolio company Blue Sky Swisse (BSS), based in Biasca in the canton of Ticino. This is a joint venture between PTH and Igea Pharma NV, a listed company from the Netherlands. BSS specializes in the low-carbon extraction of natural active principles from vegetable matrices, with a primary focus on the extraction of CBD oil for B2B products. The company will also invest in the production of these agricultural commodities in Ticino, with the overall aim of becoming the quality and cost leader.

“We’re thrilled with this partnership and are so glad that LDA Capital recognizes the value of PTH and its portfolio company, with the aim of creating one of the most innovative hubs for health-tech, agri-tech and functional food”, comments Sabina Del Nigro, CEO at PTH, in the press release.

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