Zurich - Piomic has developed a wearable device that accelerates the healing process of chronic wounds on the legs and feet. The MedTech start-up has now been awarded the CE label for its products on the back of successful testing.

Piomic Medical AG has been authorized to distribute its wearable device aimed at helping to heal wounds within the EU. The Zurich-based start-up has been awarded the CE label required for this, as detailed in a press release. This is the most important milestone in the start-up’s history to date, the press release explains.

The device developed by Piomic can be attached to the leg or foot and can be used to help the healing process in chronic wounds by way of electromagnetic stimuli. According to information in the press release, clinical studies have shown that the device is able to accelerate the healing process of wounds, reduce pain and improve the overall quality of life for patients. It is also easy to use, with both stationary and ambulant treatment possible, while patients can also use the device within the comfort of their own homes.

Piomic’s intention is to now focus on clinical studies in the USA, with the aim of successfully attaining market authorization for its product there too. The costs related to chronic wound healing are estimated to stand at 28 to 50 billion dollars per year in the USA.

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