Kemptthal - Planted has invested in the expansion and modernization of its production site in the Greater Zurich Area. The plant-based meat substitute manufacturer is increasing the factory’s capacity from 500 kilograms to more than 1 metric ton per hour. More office buildings and research laboratories are being planned.

Planted doubles production
Planted doubles production, Source: Planted

Planted has doubled its production capacities at its Kemptthal site in the canton of Zurich. According to a press release from the company, this move will enable it to ramp up its hourly production there from 500 kilograms to more than 1 metric ton. Planted’s investment is a response to the “rapidly” growing demand for environmentally friendly, animal-friendly food over the past two years.

The expansion includes a new production line with a twin screw extruder, increased performance and efficiency in product processing, and a new high-performance packaging line. Additionally, there will be a modern laboratory plus restructuring of factory administration and visitor flows. Further office buildings and research laboratories are being planned. The company currently employs around 120 members of staff.

Green technology plays a vital role in construction of the new factory according to Planted. The energy recovery system reuses energy generated in heating, cooling, and air conditioning processes. Surplus energy will be fed into the district heating network that is being developed for the industrial park “The Valley” in future.

Co-Founder and Member of the Management Board Lukas Böni states: “We are proud to be one of the few plant-based meat alternative manufacturers to be responsible for all steps under one roof. Here in Kemptthal, we have our science and development department, top chefs, production, and even a restaurant. The most important feature is that the Kemptthal production facility is in a glass building. It is the first transparent meat production facility to be open to the public.”

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