Zurich - Positrigo has raised just under 4 million Swiss francs as part of a financing round. In addition, the start-up has received more than 2 million euros in the form of EU grants. The company is focused on the development of an innovative PET scanner to examine the brain.

Positrigo has closed a successful Series A financing round, raising 3.9 million Swiss francs in the process. The round was led by the Luxembourg-based venture capitalists 4FO Ventures, as detailed in a press release. However, other investors include Great Filter Ventures from China, the Cantonal Bank of Zurich and the ETH Zurich Foundation. In parallel to the financing round, the start-up also secured a grant of 2.2 million euros from the European Innovation Council (EUC).

Positrigo, which is a spin-off from Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETH), is developing an innovative PET scanner to examine the brain. This is aimed at helping the early detection of diseases such as Alzheimer’s. According to information from the company itself, its device is both smaller and less expensive than currently available PET scanners, therefore making it accessible to smaller hospitals with fewer financial resources.

“Positrigo is a jewel of a Swiss company and has a technology that has the potential of a world-wide use”, comments Binzhe Wang of Great Filter Ventures, before adding: “The company totally represents the best of what Swiss universities can develop and we are happy to support their fantastic project”.

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