Solothurn - The start-up Qumea has developed an anonymous 3D radar technology that can recognize human movements. It is designed for use in hospitals where it can prevent falls and support therapy decisions. At present, it is being tested at the Cantonal Hospital Baselland.

Image credit: Qumea


Qumea, a start-up based in the canton of Solothurn, has developed a patient monitoring system that is equipped with a highly accurate 3D radar capable of recording 100 million movement points per second. This means that it can pinpoint the exact position of a patient within a room in addition to identifying their posture and condition in a contactless manner.

The anonymous patient movement data is then sent to the Qumea cloud, where it is subsequently evaluated by a system based on Artificial Intelligence developed by the company. Nursing staff are alerted via an app in the event of critical mobility incidents. In this way, patients can be supported quickly before a possible fall occurs.

The Qumea solution is primarily designed to prevent falls. However, it can also be used to provide insights into sleep quality, for example, as well as supporting therapy decisions.

The Cantonal Hospital Baselland (KSBL) is already putting the device through its paces as part of a test phase. “The aim here is to identify exactly what our patients need even more efficiently and individually”, explains Cornelius-Monroe Huber, Chief Nursing Officer at KSBL, in a blog post.

At the end of June, Qumea was also named as the winner of the start-up funding program run by GZS, an association for start-up services in the canton of Solothurn. The company’s prize came in the form of a communications and expert package worth 5,000 Swiss francs. GZS awards the prize on a quarterly basis with the aim of placing start-ups under the spotlight.

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