Zurich - Radiate Engineering & Design AG has launched its new UAV Division. This will specialize in the lightweight construction, aerodynamics and structural optimization of unmanned aerial vehicles.

Radiate Engineering & Design AG is of the firm conviction that unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) represent a key technology of the future. However, this growth market is still just in the starting blocks, as the Zurich-based specialist for lightweight products writes in a press release. In order to assume a pioneering role in this area, Radiate has now created a dedicated division for the lightweight construction, aerodynamics and structural optimization of UAVs.

The new UAV division will bundle all of the company’s competencies and resources required for the development and launch of civil, commercial UAVs. The overarching aim is to empower companies operating in the UAV industry to be able to develop, test and use their own products in practice. Among other aspects, Radiate uses digital twins to optimize aerodynamic processes and simulation driving engineering to accelerate the development process.

Timothy Habermacher will head up the UAV Division. The mechanical engineer, who holds a Master of Science degree from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETH), is a seasoned expert in the UAV industry, with extensive experience in the areas of lightweight construction, structural simulation and composite materials. “Innovation is a continuous process”, comments Habermacher, adding that: “Our ultimate objective is to guide our clients from concept to production, fostering innovation and empowering their ideas to take flight”. ce/hs

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