Schlieren ZH – Memo Therapeutics, a start-up from the Greater Zurich Area, hopes to develop a treatment for coronavirus. It is calling on patients who have recovered to donate blood as this contains antibodies against the virus that the company is able to use for therapeutic purposes thanks to its technology.

Recovered patients could contribute to coronavirus treatment


Memo Therapeutics wants to develop a treatment for coronavirus. For this reason, the start-up is seeking out patients who have already been infected and recovered. Their blood contains antibodies to the virus. Some of these could contribute to developing a treatment according to the press release from the company.

Memo Therapeutics has developed a technology that can completely copy human B cells. B cells form plasma cells, which in turn express antibodies. The start-up is not only able to copy B cells but is also able to stabilize up to 80 percent of them. According to a report by the Tages-Anzeiger, rival companies can only reach a maximum of 3 percent.

Memo Therapeutics wants to use this procedure for coronavirus as well. For this, it helps the start-up if as many recovered patients as possible give blood. This makes it more likely that suitable B cells will be identified.

Karsten Fischer, CEO of Memo Therapeutics, states: “The first candidates have already come and let us draw some blood.” He estimates that his team will find a therapeutic candidate against the new coronavirus in five months.

Memo Therapeutics is a spin-off from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH). The start-up has already been able to use its technology to develop antibodies against BK virus, a risk for patients after a kidney transplant.

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