Zurich – The US firm Reliable Robotics is joining forces with the start-up Daedalean. Together, the partners are planning to develop avionics systems for commercial aircraft operations. Daedalean will be bringing its expertise in the field of Artificial Intelligence to the table.

Aircraft operation
Image credit: Christian Lambert


The US firm Reliable Robotics recently agreed a strategic partnership with the Zurich-based start-up Daedalean, as detailed in a joint press release. The aim of the partners is to develop avionic systems for commercial aircraft operations of the future.

Reliable Robotics was founded by former employees of SpaceX and Tesla. The company develops autonomous flight technology, which it recently demonstrated on a Cessna 208 Caravan. As part of the test, the aircraft was remotely controlled from a distance of more than 80 kilometers.

Daedalean specializes in aerospace applications based on Artificial Intelligence (AI). Robert Rose, co-founder and CEO of Reliable Robotics, regards the Zurich-based start-up as a “recognized leader” in the development of algorithms that comply with flight safety standards.

Within the framework of the partnership, the two companies are planning to develop solutions that would allow both onboard pilots and remote pilots to make more informed safety-relevant decisions. Such solutions not only serve to reduce pilot workload, but also, the partners claim, form the basis for fully automated flight systems of the future

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