Zurich - ETH Zurich researchers have developed a method that allows chocolate to shimmer in the colors of the rainbow. This creates an impression that the chocolate is shining. The researchers have now submitted a patent application for their method. They are also planning to set up a company in the near future.

Source: ETH Zurich

Researchers at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETH) have developed a method that allows chocolate to shimmer in various colors of the rainbow with the help of colleagues from the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland. Making chocolate in different colors is in itself nothing new. However, in this method, no artificial colorants are used, as detailed in a press release issued by ETH.

For the method designed by the ETH researchers, the surface of the chocolate is not coated, but rather imprinted. The effect of the imprinted structural colors works in a similar way to the skin of a chameleon: the ordered structure on the surface of the skin modulates and disperses the light in such a way that certain colors are visible.

The researchers have now applied for a patent for their method and, according to reports, are already in talks with major chocolatiers. Plans are also in place to set up a company in order to market this technology.

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