Dübendorf ZH – Researchers at Empa and the University of Geneva have developed a novel solid-state sodium battery. Safer than lithium-ion batteries, it also has the potential to store more energy.

Batteries are found everywhere these days – phones, laptops and even electric cars. The core technology for these applications these days is lithium-ion batteries, but these are relatively expensive and may represent a safety hazard when improperly used. 

Researchers at the Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology (Empa) and the University of Geneva have now developed a prototype of a solid-state battery based on sodium. Not only is sodium a cheap alternative to lithium, the battery also charges faster and has an increased storage capacity as well as improved safety, according to Empa.

The researchers still need to increase the number of possible charge and discharge cycles and test the battery at room temperature before they can launch their new development on the market.

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