Wetzikon ZH/Brunello - Reichle & De-Massari (R&M) has agreed a deal to acquire Tecnosteel, the Italian manufacturer of racks and enclosures for data centers. With this takeover, the cabling specialist from the Greater Zurich Area is aiming to offer infrastructure solutions for data centers from a single source in future.

The cabling specialist R&M, based in Wetzikon in the canton of Zurich, has announced a deal to acquire Tecnosteel, the Italian manufacturer of rack and enclosure systems for data centers headquartered in Brunello near Milan. According to a press release, R&M will integrate all Tecnosteel employees based in Italy and France into the group. Neither company has disclosed any details regarding the purchase price.

R&M to acquire the Italian firm Tecnosteel
Image: R&M

With this acquisition, R&M is seeking to implement larger projects in the growing data center market across Europe. “With Tecnosteel on board, R&M is further strengthening its market position in the price-sensitive project business. We can acquire larger project volumes and deliver in Europe even faster and more flexibly”, explains Michel Riva, CEO of R&M, in the press release.

According to the founders and Managing Directors of Tecnosteel, Mauro Turci and Marino Piotti, as part of the R&M Group the company will be able to “expand sales beyond Italy and Europe in the long term”.

The combined product range of the two companies is particularly well-suited for this aim. For example, with the racks, enclosures and cabinets for IT devices and networks developed by Tecnosteel, R&M will be in a position to offer “complete and tailor-made infrastructure units for data centers of all types and sizes” in the future.

Plans have also been drawn up for joint innovations “with which networks can be further densified and data centers can be operated in a more energy and cost-efficient manner”, the press release explains. Investments to expand the highly automated production plant in Brunello have already been made.

Information technology

Information technology

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