Zurich/Munich – Munich-based technology group Rohde & Schwarz has acquired Zurich Instruments AG. With the expertise of the test and measurement technology company from the Greater Zurich Area, Rohde & Schwarz is entering the market for quantum technologies.

Zurich Instruments
Image credit: Ramon Salinero

By acquiring Zurich Instruments AG, Rohde & Schwarz is now ready to enter the market for quantum technologies. According to a press release, this Munich-based technology group is set to be a trailblazer in future areas such as 6G and autonomous driving.

Zurich Instruments offers cutting-edge test and measurement systems to scientific and industrial research customers. The spin-off from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich has been at the forefront of science since its founding in 2008. The company has a strong network and extensive experience in academic physics research. It has over 100 employees at its Zurich headquarters and regional offices in China, the USA, France, South Korea, Japan and Italy.

“In Rohde & Schwarz, we found a company that can provide us with access to the latest and best technologies,” said co-founder and CEO of  Zurich Instruments, Dr Sadik Hafizovic. His company will be able to remain a leader in the rapidly growing quantum computing market and continue to grow as an independent subsidiary in future. All functions at Zurich Instruments will remain in place, from development and production to marketing and sales. 

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