Zurich - RosieReality has raised 2.2 million US dollars in financing round. The start-up from the Greater Zurich Area has developed an app to introduce children to programming through play using Rosie the virtual robot.

RosieReality is a spin-off of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETH) . The start-up’s founders want to introduce children to robotics. With their app users can, for example, build a world-size augmented reality (AR) castle. To do this, they have to program Rosie the virtual robot.

The game has already been tested by children and is due to be launched at the end of May. As revealed in an article on startupticker.ch, the Zurich based start-up has closed another financing round prior to the launch. In total RosieReality raised 2.2 million US dollars. The round was led by the Zurich-based risk capital company RedAlpine. The round of funding will help the startup to grow across the US market.

RosieReality is headquartered in Zurich and, according to the company, has access to a large technical talent pool there. In one year RosieReality has grown its team from initially three co-founders a year ago to now 15 people. The Rosie project attracted initial funding from the Gebert Rüf Foundation, and later raised seed capital from Silicon Valley and Japan.

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