Zurich – RosieReality developed a virtual robot for iPhones that makes augmented reality accessible to children. The Zurich-based startup has now raised $700,000 from investors.

Prominent venture capital firms participated in the pre-seed round, including Akatsuki Entertainment Fund run by Akatsuki, Japan's largest mobile game developer, as well as General Catalyst and Anorak Ventures from the U.S.

With its virtual robot Rosie, RosieReality is making augmented reality accessible for early childhood education, according to a report on startupticker.ch. Children of ages 8 and up can programme Rosie using magical 3D shapes, allowing them to profit from a new learning environment. The multi-dimensional learning atmosphere even hints at what the future of education could look like.

RosieReality intends to use the new funds to further develop its team and product, and the startup is currently looking for new employees to help it grow into a global company. RosieReality is currently located at the Wyss Centre at the Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zurich and is looking to expand to San Francisco in the future.

A beta version for Rosie has already been tested with more than 1,000 children. A next version is already under development and expected to be available in Switzerland at the end of the month. Rosie will be rolled out globally over the course of 2018.

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