The European rocket Ariane is flying to space for the 250th time on Friday. On board are communication satellites with a payload fairing fitted by the Zurich-based company RUAG Space. 

The launch rocket Ariane will take off on Friday from Guiana Space Center in Kourou, French Guiana. Ariana is launching two communication satellites into space: one, an Inmarsat satellite, will improve broadband connectivity in Europe, the Middle East and Asia, while the other is being sent to space on behalf of the Egyptian government. 

Both satellites are protected by a payload fairing from the Zurich space company RUAG Space, according to a statement. Payload fairings protect satellites pre-launch from wind and weather, and during the flight from noise and friction heat. At about 120km altitude, the shell is separated. RUAG Space is producing the payload fairing at its site in Emmen, and is also supplying the on-board computer, the "brain" of the rocket, writes the statement. 

RUAG Space describes itself as the leading supplier to the space industry in Europe. Its payload fairings and on-board computers have served Ariane for 40 years. The rocket is flying to space for the 250th time on Friday. 

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