Zurich – Space industry supplier RUAG Space will produce structures and payload fairings for the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency. The rocket will be used for resupply missions to the International Space Station.

RUAG Space reported in a press release that it has signed a contract with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. RUAG Space will supply components for the future launch vehicle of the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) Specifically, the Zurich space industry supplier will produce payload fairings and supporting structures. These make up the top third of a launch vehicle and protect the cargo. The products will be developed and manufactured in Switzerland.

The new Japanese H3 launch vehicle will carry out resupply missions to the International Space Station (ISS). The structures from RUAG Space will feature on three such flights and protect the payload – the HTV-X cargo spacecraft – at rocket launch and during the flight through the Earth’s atmosphere. The HTV-X cargo spacecraft will carry cargo for supplying the ISS.

“We are the leading payload fairing suppliers,” said Peter Guggenbach, RUAG Space CEO. “Now we are truly global, supplying to the launcher industry on three continents.” 


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