Zug/Moscow – The Russian telecommunications company MegaFon is using technology from the Zug-based blockchain company BLOCKv to create a digital treasure hunt on the streets of Moscow. The game is based on the Ethereum blockchain.

MegaFon is creating a game for fans in the lead up to a concert in Moscow featuring one of the biggest bands in Russia, Leningrad. Fans of the band will go on an augmented reality treasure hunt to collect digital objects found in real-world Moscow locations. The winners will be awarded concert tickets and other prizes.

BLOCKv developed a technology platform that can be used by developers to create highly programmable digital objects based on a blockchain system. Users can own and trade the virtual objects – in this case, treasure hunt items.

“In this use case, the Ethereum blockchain will be used to ensure that the sweepstakes is run with complete legitimacy. Our technology ensures a level of transparency and fairness that was not possible prior to blockchain,” Reeve Collins, CEO of BLOCKv, said in a statement.

MegaFon is the third largest telecom operator in Russia. Its marketing manager Anton Elizarov said that the goal of the treasure hunt is to demonstrate the use of blockchain technology while at the same time provide a truly honest competition.

BLOCKv is headquartered in the Greater Zurich Area. With its platform, developers can create far more than just games like the digital treasure hunt. The system is also ideal for ticket sales, gifts, coupons or promotions. One advantage it that the digital objects traded on the platform are immune from fraud.

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