Zurich - Sandsiv is set to assume responsibility for customer experience management (CXM) processes at Poste Italiane. For this, the company will be automating all customer feedback. In addition, Sandsiv will deliver CXM analyses to all business units of Poste Italiane.



Poste Italiane, the Italian postal service provider, will in future be using the Sandsiv+ platform developed by the Zurich-based firm Sandsiv to manage its customer experience processes. According to a company press release, Poste Italiane settled on the choice of Sandsiv to support the CXM (Customer Experience Management) program of Italy’s largest logistics firm. 

With more than 35 million customers, over 125,000 employees and financial assets in excess of 536 billion euros, Poste Italiane is, in actual fact, much more than just a postal service, the press release explains. For example, its Banco Posta division offers both banking transactions and insurance products. In addition, with annual revenue of more than 11 billion euros and numerous partner companies, Poste Italiane influences the gross domestic product (GDP) of Italy to a significant extent.

In order to honor its “its uniquely important standing in Italy’s economic and social fabric”, Poste Italiane needs to be aware of “what its retail and business customers think, what they expect, and what they need”. In this context, Sandsiv will enable Poste Italiane to automate all customer feedback including surveys, customer interviews and views expressed across social media channels. This will facilitate, among other aspects, real-time answers and proactive management of negative customer experiences. In addition, all business units of Poste Italiane will be provided with relevant analyses.

“Our longstanding investment in AI-powered advanced analytics will ensure that each Poste Italiane employee can contribute meaningfully to a better, more responsive customer experience for all of its customers”, comments Bo Evers, Senior Consultant at Sandsiv, in the press release.

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