Winterthur – After years of development work, the first two Bro model power wheelchairs have been delivered by the start-up Scewo. The Scewo Bro is even able to independently climb stairs without the help of an accompanying person.

Scewo Bro overcomes all obstacles


The start-up Scewo, which is based in Winterthur, has now started to deliver its Scewo Bro power wheelchair model. The product is characterized by its independent capacities for which a wheelchair user has, up until now, needed the help of an accompanying person. In this way, the Bro model, which is fitted with an additional caterpillar drive system, is able to climb stairs on its own. The young founders of the start-up, Bernhard Winter, Pascal Buholzer and Thomas Gemperle, developed their initial idea while studying at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETH) before establishing the start-up in the form of a spin-off from ETH. The modern design of the Scewo Bro was presented to the public in September 2018 at the National Museum Zurich, while the product is also set to be exported to other countries following market launch in Switzerland.

The delivery of the first two Bros in Winterthur was an “unforgettable and emotional day that will make history”, according to a press release issued by the company. The first two Bro drivers, José and Michael, had actually pre-ordered the innovative development two years ago, when serial production was first started for the Scewo Bro. They took the opportunity to make their maiden voyage in their new wheelchairs around the company’s premises. “This power wheelchair will give me a lot of freedom. For instance, I can now overcome small obstacles, such as door thresholds or curbs, which will make my life easier”, says an enthusiastic José. Michael also offered his thoughts on the Scewo Bro: “I no longer have to plan ahead, but can go somewhere spontaneously”.

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