Schwyz – Technology Center Schwyz has renamed itself Schwyz Next and given itself a new focus. The platform intends to identify forward-looking developments and support their implementation.

Das Technologiezentrum Schwyz wird neu in Schwyz Next umbenannt. Mit der Namensänderung folgt auch eine neue inhaltliche Ausrichtung. Mehr:


At the general assembly of the association Technology Center Schwyz (TZS) in June, participants approved the association’s name new Schwyz Next and the associated amendments to the statutes, which come into effect on July 1, 2020.

Schwyz Next describes itself as a platform for companies and executive leaders in the canton of Schwyz who are interested in forward-looking trends. Its aim is to identify relevant, future-oriented developments in a systematic manner and at an early stage. Interested parties are given access to information about these trends via digital channels. The platform also organizes events on related topics.

In addition, interested parties can submit their own ideas on innovation topics to Schwyz Next. A group of experts will evaluate the topics and assess them in terms of their relevance to the Schwyz economic region. Some of the topics submitted will be followed up by Schwyz Next and incorporated into its own portfolio of services.

Schwyz Next also supports companies in implementing new trends. One way it will achieve this is by launching a digital learning service, which will include webinars and online courses.

The platform is also launching the Business Model Innovation project with the aim of helping entrepreneurs in the canton to better understand the importance of innovation in relation to their business models and to motivate them to improve their own business model. The project is being carried out in collaboration with the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland. An introductory event on this will be held on August 18 in the form of a webinar.

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