Sensirion, a manufacturer of digital microsensors and systems, calls the new development a “breakthrough in microthermal technology for natural gas metering”. According to a statement, the new SGM6200 module covers natural gases in group E with up to 25 per cent hydrogen content at a very low current consumption.

With its new module, Sensirion is making an important contribution to overcoming the challenges facing natural gas metering posed by new environmentally friendly technologies, such as power-to-gas and biogas production systems. As Sensirion explains, gas metering in the future will have to be suitable for new mixtures of natural gas, including those that contain significant amounts of non-conventional fuel gases like hydrogen or carbon dioxide. 

By assessing additional physical properties of natural gas, the new module paves the way to realizing direct energy content monitoring of natural gas in gas meters.

Sensirion plans to make samples available by 25 February 2018, and start of production for the G4 module of the SGM6200 family is intended for the third quarter of 2018.

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