Zurich/Zug – Residents of Zug are now able to request documents from the town via the eZug app and receive them directly on their cell phones. Legally valid electronic contract signatures are also possible with this. This is based on technology from the electronic signature provider Skribble.

Skribble enables digital signing in Zug

Residents of Zug can now identify themselves digitally to the municipal authorities. Using the app-based smart city platform eZug, they are able to request official documents online, receive them on their cell phone, and also store them there safely.

eZug can also be used to create legally valid signatures with Skribble. Registered persons can legally sign all documents without legal formalities with no need for additional identification measures according to an announcement from Skribble. This includes for instance rental and purchase agreements as well as most employment contracts.

Users who additionally identify themselves by contacting a registration site such as a Swisscom shop in person unlock a qualified electronic signature as well. This is legally equivalent to a handwritten signature and can be used to sign consumer credit agreements and temporary employment contracts, for example.

The town council of Zug uses Skribble internally as well. Nicolas Lemaitre, Smart City Project Leader for the town of Zug explains: “We are working on a consistently digital archiving system. Electronic signatures are the next logical step.” He adds that electronic signatures reduce the transaction costs of a signature “massively as they are not linked to the physical document and the presence of the signatory.”

The Mayor of Zug, Dr. Karl Kobelt, sees digital signatures as a key element in consistent digital business, for authorities and for the private economy: “By collaborating with Skribble we are achieving another milestone in our Smart City strategy.”

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