Deitingen - The solar roof system 'Level' developed by Megasol has been awarded the highest hail protection class 5. As such, the system has demonstrated its capacity to prevent roof damage in the event of heavy hail. With its development, the company is taking increasingly extreme weather conditions into account.

The solar roof system 'Level' developed by Megasol has been certified with the highest hail protection class 5. Megasol, a company based in Deitingen in the canton of Solothurn, is seeking to respond to increasingly extreme weather events with its solar roof system 'Level', further details of which can be found in a press release. Recent experiences in the canton of Ticino have shown that many conventional roofs are unable to withstand heavy hail.

For this reason, Megasol solar roofs undergo testing in lab settings against hailstorms. These tests involve hailstones with a diameter of around five centimeters being fired at the roof panels at a speed of 110 kilometers per hour. “We developed the 'Level' solar roof specifically to withstand severe environmental influences such as heavy hail, high snow loads and wind suction forces”, comments Michael Reist, Head of Communications at Megasol, in the press release. The system is based on what are known as glass-glass solar modules, which offer particularly high levels of resistance.

The Level solar roof modules fit together in an overlapping manner, meaning that no frame is required for installation. The system is designed in such a way to allow it to be quickly adapted to all roofs so that the entire roof area can be used for the production of electricity. Fastening hooks and short sealing rails ensure a rapid installation process. “The Level solar roof is therefore cheaper over the lifetime than a conventional roof”, Reist explains further. The additional costs for the solar roof system corresponding to around a quarter of the roof's overall construction costs pays for itself in just a few years. “After this, the solar system pays for the roof”. ce/ww

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