Spicehaus Partners AG from Zug has launched a Swiss venture capital fund. The aim here is to invest 50 million Swiss francs in tech start-ups by the end of 2020. The focus is on the banking and insurance sectors, in addition to real estate, human resources and education.

Spicehaus Partners AG has launched a Swiss venture capital fund. According to a press release, the new fund will be used to invest a total of 50 million francs in Swiss tech start-ups by the end of next year. Start-ups from the finance and insurance sectors, in addition to real estate, human resources and education and training, will above all be targeted. Switzerland already boasts large, established companies in these areas, in addition to exceptionally well-trained experts, the press release states. These will now be forced to confront the challenges posed by digitalization.

Teddy Amberg und Daniel Andres are behind Spicehaus Partners. Together they have more than 25 years’ experience in institutional business. Moreover, they have founded companies themselves and helped build them up. Amberg, for example, played a key role in establishing the fintech CreditGate24, while Andres co-founded the trading company dakuro. 

“For Swiss start-ups, it is often easy to begin with, using friends and family members to raise initial seed funding. As soon as a company records high sales and rapid growth, foreign investors or large corporations are ready to get involved in additional financing rounds or even as buyers”, Andres comments. However, between these two stages exists a gap of sorts that Spicehaus Partners intends to close with its new fund.

On December 2, 2019, the new fund was launched with a double-digit million volume. According to the available information, the first investments in Swiss start-ups have already been concluded.

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