Winterthur – Electronic scooters are becoming more and more popular throughout Europe. Start-up LuckaBox from Greater Zurich has now established a subsidiary called sweeep tech to provide logistics services for e-scooters and other vehicles in the area of micromobility.

LuckaBox develops smart logistics solutions that enable customers to receive deliveries faster. The start-up has now announced that is has established a subsidiary called sweeep tech, which specializes in technology and logistics services for micromobility providers. This includes providers of e-scooters, which are steadily expanding throughout Europe.

Sweeep tech will oversee and coordinate fleet availability, repairs and spare parts management, as well as compile personalized statistics. The company will also specialize in a variety of e-scooter services, including deployment, collection, maintenance, battery charging, storage and redistribution.

The new company has already acquired its first customer: since June 1, the European company VOI 100 has been offering its e-scooters in Winterthur. The vehicles are managed by sweeep tech.

Sweeep tech is initially starting off with six employees but intends to grow at a steady pace. In just a few weeks’ time, it plans to expand into the Austrian and German markets.

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