Washington - Switzerland is once again the best country in the world according to this year’s rankings from U.S. News & World Report and this is already the sixth time the country has achieved being placed on top. The assessment of a total of 87 countries is based on a global survey of 17,000 individuals.

Switzerland is the best country in the world per U.S. News

“Consistent Switzerland, Steady as Ever, Is Once Again the World's Best Country”: This is the headline from the U.S News & World Report published in Washington each month justifying the country’s ranking of first place in the World's Best Country 2023. This is the sixth time Switzerland has achieved the highest marks in this ranking.

The assessments are based on a global survey of 17,000 people. The respondents attributed dozens of different features to the 87 countries within ten subcategories, including Power, Cultural Influence, Heritage, and Social Purpose. The scores collected from these associations created an overall list of the best countries in the world. Sweden came in second place, followed by Canada and the USA.

In the current rankings, Switzerland is number one for economic stability, safety, and lowest corruption. Jacques Pitteloud, the Swiss ambassador to the U.S., lists “economic stability, political consensus, and a historic role playing negotiator and peacemaker for other nations” as success factors. However, he added that it all starts with the high quality of education: “We are constantly leading the pack in terms of innovation.”

I think the secret sauce starts with the high quality of education. We are one of the leading nations in many fields. We are constantly leading the pack in terms of innovation.
Jacques Pitteloud
Jacques Pitteloud - Switzerland’s ambassador to the U.S.

The publication also mentions as positives the climate law, which commits the country to net-zero emissions by 2050, and low inflation. Regarding this, it quotes Alexandre Edelmann, head of Presence Switzerland, which promotes awareness of Switzerland abroad: “Despite difficult years during the pandemic and the current geopolitical upheavals, the Swiss economy has performed remarkably well and continues to grow.” ce/mm

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