Lausanne – Switzerland continues to be a world leader when it comes to attracting and retaining talent. It took first place in the latest IMD World Talent Ranking, followed by Denmark and Norway.

Switzerland has taken first place in the World Talent Ranking from the IMD Business School for the fifth consecutive year. It was followed by Denmark, Norway, Austria and the Netherlands. Canada came in sixth place, making it the only non-European country to make it into the top ten. Singapore was the highest ranked Asian country, coming in thirteenth.
Switzerland scored particularly well in the areas of education, health infrastructure, highly skilled foreign personnel and remuneration in the services professions and management. The country also performed strongly with respect to quality of life, though it did show a slight decline this year. However, it was outperformed by most countries with respect to cost of living and placed in the middle of the ranking for labour force growth.  
Over 6,000 executives based in 63 different countries were interviewed to produce the ranking, which assesses factors such as the resources invested in developing local talent, the extent to which a country attracts and retains talent, and the quality of skills available in the talent pool.

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