Zurich - Textshuttle, an automated translation provider, has launched a free-of-charge translation service for the general public. It covers the four national languages of Switzerland. To date, Textshuttle has been used as a B2B solution by major companies such as Swiss Life, OBI Group, and Migros Bank.

Textshuttle is now providing free-of-charge online automatic translation of texts or entire Word and PowerPoint documents based on artificial intelligence. According to a press release, the Zurich-based company founded as a spin-off from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich sees this as direct competition against translation giants such as Germany’s DeepL and Google Translate from the USA.

Textshuttle has previously only been available to business clients and has been used by major companies such as Swiss Life, OBI Group, and Migros Bank as per the information provided. According to CEO Lucas Seiler, this B2B business will continue to be offered in future.

Textshuttle states that it expects “numerous advantages” over the competition, including the fact that the platform has been developed and operated in Switzerland. This means that it covers local linguistic and cultural specifics and uses conventional spellings and expressions used in Switzerland. Additionally, Textshuttle is the only AI translation service in the world to provide translations to and from Swiss German and Romansh.

Additionally, users can translate larger volumes of text than with other free offerings. Furthermore, the original layout is preserved. Moreover, different translation variants can be generated. Seiler explains: “With Textshuttle, users can easily see alternative suggestions for individual words or segments and choose the variant that suits them best.” ce/mm

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