Wallisellen - Teylor has raised a total of 275 million euros in fresh capital to support its credit platform for SME financing. Barclays Bank PLC, M&G Investments as well as other investors have signed agreements for a debt vehicle administered by Teylor AG.

Teylor, Barclays, and M&G Investments, as well as other investors, have concluded a financing agreement in the European private debt market and fintech industry, further details of which can be found in a press release. The debt vehicle is administered by Teylor AG from Wallisellen in the canton of Zurich. As a result, Teylor will be in a position to provide more than 500 European small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with quick and flexible access to a range of credit products, the press release states. In this way, Barclays and M&G Investments are afforded the opportunity to support SMEs outside of their domestic market of the UK as well. The EY Global SME Survey evaluates rapid access to credit as being key to the success of SMEs, the press release goes on to explain.

“With this capital, we can provide solid SMEs with flexible and long-term financing solutions at a time when capital access has become more constricted”, comments Huy Nguyen, Head of Private Debt at Teylor.

“SMEs need a reliable platform to efficiently cover their financing requirements without bureaucratic hurdles”, as Gordon Beck, Head of European Corporate & Sustainable Securitisation at Barclays, explains in the press release. “We are excited to expand our financing presence in this sector across continental Europe and to support Teylor as one of the companies driving the digitalized transformation of SME lending”, he adds.

Alexis Dussault, Portfolio Manager at M&G Investments, assumes that Teylor is in a good position to contribute to closing the SME financing gap in continental Europe owing to its “knowledge of local markets, its advanced technology and its strong leadership”. ce/gba 

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