Zug/San Francisco - Tezos is collaborating with the Accelerate Solutions Group of Unity, the popular 3D development platform for computer games, on the creation of a software development kit for the Web3 blockchain operated by Tezos. This optional plug-in will be available via Unity.

The Zug-based Tezos Foundation has announced that it entered into a professional services agreement with the Accelerate Solutions Group of Unity, based in San Francisco in the USA, a few months ago. The agreement focuses on the creation of a software development kit (SDK) for the Web3 blockchain. According to a press release, the Tezos Foundation and Tezos Ecosystem teams intend to offer this SDK as an optional plug-in for games development via the Unity Asset Store.

This toolkit should allow software developers to interact with the Tezos blockchain, in addition to serving as a useful resource for developing a decentralized Tezos app.

“This is the first comprehensive blockchain SDK co-developed with Unity, providing game developers with an easy-to-use, complete solution for adding a wide range of Web3 features”, comments Jeremy Foo, Global Head of Gaming at the London-based firm Trilitech, in the press release. These features will ensure that players have more fun while gaming, he explains. Ubisoft, CCP Games, Team Vitality and the Misfits Gaming Group are among the gaming companies and organizations building new applications and games on the energy-conscious Tezos blockchain, which is one of the few existing blockchains to offer on-chain governance for community members.

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