Zurich - Inflamed pharma, a project enterprise of Xlife Sciences, has discovered an active ingredient that is able to reduce viral load by up to 90 percent in coronavirus patients and those suffering from influenza infections. At the same time, it leads to a significant reduction in inflammatory processes. Drugs are now already being produced.

Therapie gegen COVID
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The Zurich-based Xlife Sciences is talking about a “breakthrough”: the active ingredient ProcCluster, developed and patented by its project enterprise inflamed pharma is designed to reduce the viral load of COVID-19, influenza and other RNA viruses by 90 percent. According to information from the company, ProcCluster is also effective against inflammatory processes caused by infection without leading to resistances. This therapeutic approach is described by Xlife Sciences as both “revolutionary” and “holistic” in a press release.

According to Oliver R. Baumann, CEO of Xlife Sciences, the fact that the active ingredient can therefore be used gainfully at various points over the course of a COVID-19 infection offers “enormous market potential”. It is of “inestimable value” that the drug is already being produced by inflamed pharma GmbH “at high quality but low cost”. Another advantage over vaccines and antibodies is that ProcCluster does not lead to the development of resistances and can also be used to combat mutated virus variants. In addition, the active ingredient stimulates the microcirculation, which is particularly important for patients suffering from what is known as “Long Covid”, while no negative side effects have been observed so far either.

The drug is membrane-permeable and based on the active ingredient procaine. ProcCluster is already used in various prescription drugs for humans. According to Xlife, talks are currently being held with potential partners for the industrial production of ProcCluster. In doing so, the aim is to secure an out-licensing agreement “as quickly as possible”.

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