Zurich/Pfäffikon SZ – The start-up Locatee has received seed funding from the venture capital firm Tomahawk.VC. Its funds are used to support teams working on a decentralized basis with up to 2 million US dollars.

Locatee looks set to grow after receiving an injection of fresh capital. Tomahawk.VC, a venture capital firm newly founded in Pfäffikon, has invested in the Zurich-based start-up. Angel investor and CEO of Tomahawk, Cédric Waldburger, is planning to support the four currently selected projects with up to 2 million US dollars each, according to a report on startupticker.ch.

The funding totaling 20 million US dollars overall from Tomahawk.VC is intended for companies that think and act globally from the very beginning and have the potential to “change the world”. Its international teams should not be tied to a particular geographical location.

Tomahawk.VC, which also does not operate out of a single office, supports these start-ups by making available to them a series of methods and processes tried and tested over a period of 12 years. “I like to rethink things”, Waldburger explains, adding: “And I take the same approach to venture capital. Instead of building a large team in one location, we create a network of experts and make them accessible to our portfolio companies”.

Locatee has developed a B2B solution for workplace analytics. Its Big Data technology, which has been filed for a patent, analyses various data sources in real time from the existing infrastructure of a company, thereby supplying an important basis from which office spaces can be optimized and office buildings can be made smarter. More than ten major firms at home and abroad such as Swiss Post, UPC, Biogen and ABB have already integrated this innovative technology.

Liquity has also received start-up funding from Tomahawk. The start-up will be incorporated in Zug. Liquity is building a decentralized borrowing protocol with team members located in Switzerland, England, Vietnam and the USA.

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