Zurich - Trust Square opened its doors a year ago and since then it has developed into the world's largest blockchain hub. Now the hub wants to broaden its focus and position itself as an international centre for trust-building technologies.

On 15 May Trust Square celebrated its one-year anniversary. According to a media release, since the centre opened its doors in spring 2018, Trust Square has developed into the world's largest blockchain startup and research hub. More than 40 startup companies are based at the hub and employ around 250 people there. Trust Square's concept has also met with great interest internationally, as can be seen from the more than 50 delegations from all over the world that have been welcomed at Bahnhofstrasse 3 over the past twelve months.

On the occasion of the anniversary celebration, Trust Square co-founder Daniel Gasteiger announced new plans for Trust Square. He described the planned evolution of the Hub into a centre of innovation for trust-building technologies, expanding the focus beyond blockchain. “Trust is vital for a functioning economy and society, and at the same time represents a central strength of our country. The driving question behind Trust Square is how we can use and develop this strength with the help of new technologies.

In addition, cooperation with startups and researchers in the fields of artificial intelligence and the internet of things (IoT) is planned in order to enable a comprehensive examination of the topic of trust. For example, innovation teams from established companies are to be located directly at Trust Square, and the creation of support programs for startups is planned.

A strategic partnership between Trust Square and Mindfire Foundation in the field of artificial intelligence was also announced at the celebration. Mindfire wants to take artificial intelligence to a new level. The aim is to improve understanding of and recreate human intelligence.

The implementation of the future plans will also include the relocation of the hub to a new site from 2020. In this context, Trust Square is working closely with the city and canton of Zurich. The concept behind the hub is also attracting a great deal of interest abroad. Among other things, Trust Square is currently discussing a partnership with Seoul to set up a local technology centre.

At the anniversary celebration, President of the Government Council of the Canton of Zurich Carmen Walker Späh stressed the importance of Trust Square and blockchain technology for Zurich as a financial centre. She would like to see intensive networking and cooperation between Trust Square with other experts based in the canton in the area of cybersecurity. This could produce synergies for Zurich and Switzerland as a whole.

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