Chur – The University of Applied Sciences Graubünden is launching a practice-oriented bachelor’s programme in Mobile Robotics in autumn 2020. The only course of its kind in Switzerland, it will teach students to understand and build robots.

University of Applied Sciences in Grisons launches robotic course


Mobile robots are increasingly common in daily life. They carry out transport duties in logistics, examine and measure land, and mow lawns. Now, the University of Applied Sciences Graubünden is teaching students to understand these machines on its new bachelor’s programme in Mobile Robotics. The course will start in autumn 2020, according to a statement.   

Alongside understanding robots, students will also learn how to build them. They will be taught how to construct robots and their motors, furnish them with electronic drives and programme the accompanying software. 

“Our practice-oriented course is the only one of its kind in the Swiss education system,” writes the University of Applied Sciences Graubünden in in the statement. Engineers with training on the course are urgently needed in Swiss industry, it continues. In a course that is currently ongoing at the university, students built a sailing ship that can independently follow a defined route and has already been successfully tested on Lai da Marmorera. The project will be showcased on November 16 at University of Applied Sciences Graubünden ’s “Infotag”. 

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