Rotkreuz ZG – The Institute for Financial Services at Lucerne University is readying to move into the Suurstoffi-Areal in autumn 2019. Its new campus in the Greater Zurich Area will have capacity for 2,000 students.

Lucerne University celebrated the laying of the foundation stone for its new campus in the Suurstoffi-Areal on Thursday.

Located in the Areal since autumn 2016, Lucerne University – Information Technology will be able to move into its new premises in autumn 2019, confirmed Tobias Achermann, CEO of Zug Estates Holding AG.

At around the same time, the Institute for Financial Services Zug IFZ will also move into the Areal. With this consolidation, Rotkreuz will become Lucerne University’s Information Technology and Financial Services campus.  

The Suurstoffi-Areal, which is located next to Bahnhof Rotkreuz, is being transformed into a sustainable quarter with three new buildings – including the tallest wooden high-rise structure in Switzerland.

Across the Areal there will be space for 2,000 students, 1,500 tenants and more than 2,500 workspaces. Lucerne University has signed a rental contract with a duration of over 30 years and will use around 70 per cent of the total 26,000 square metres available.    

Peter Hausherr, mayor of Risch Rotkreuz, believes that the university and its key discipline of Information Technology are well suited to the portfolio of companies in the region. “It will stimulate the region’s innovative strengths and facilitate collaborations,” he commented in a statement.   

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