Zurich/Kyoto - The University of Zurich and Kyoto University have strengthened their strategic partnership following a joint symposium. This was focused on topics such as data science and Artificial Intelligence, as well as the roles these can play in medical applications. Young researchers were also invited to attend the symposium.

The University of Zurich (UZH) and Kyoto University in Japan staged the Kyoto Symposium 2023 on March 7-8. In Kyoto, the focus was on exchanges between researchers in different areas. The role of data science and the question as to exactly what Artificial Intelligence (AI) can contribute to improving medical diagnoses, among other aspects, were examined during the symposium, further details of which can be found in a press release.

A total of 16 young scientists from Zurich and Kyoto also had the opportunity to present their research and meet potential cooperation partners. According to the press release, the topics of their presentations ranged from the question of how deep learning models can help in the creation of radiology reports, to patent protection and algorithms in the field of genome editing.

“The symposium will contribute to an even deeper alliance between our universities”, comments UZH President Michael Schaepman in the press release. “I particularly like the fact that it involves many early-career researchers. It is a unique experience for their future career in academia”, he adds.

In 2020, the two universities took their long-standing cooperation to a new level after agreeing terms on a strategic partnership. Since then, according to the information, there has been a lively exchange between researchers from both universities in various areas, including stem cell medicine, evolutionary biology, law and AI. mm

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