Zurich - Successful spin-offs from the University of Zurich raised a striking amount of venture capital, applied for drug authorizations and integrated their technology in a satellite, to name just a few examples. Moreover, four new spin-offs were founded in 2021 as well.

A handful of University of Zurich (UZH) spin-offs enjoyed notable success in 2021. A press release issued by the university names, for example, the life sciences start-up Anaveon, which closed a Series B financing round with gross proceeds of 110 million Swiss francs. Anaveon is developing an innovative immunotherapy to treat cancer.

Cutiss has launched the world’s first automated machine to engineer personalized skin grafts for adults and children with severe skin injuries. The international pharmaceutical manufacturer Novo Nordisk entered into a research cooperation with EraCal. This start-up is developing an appetite suppressant, while an innovative sensor developed by the start-up iniVation was deployed for an Australian satellite mission.

Following highly encouraging results from a Phase II study, the biotechnology firm Molecular Partners is planning, together with Novartis, to secure global regulatory authorization in the form of an EUA (Emergency Use Authorization) for its COVID-19 drug. For its part, Novartis has also signed a cooperation agreement with Cellerys, which includes an optional takeover clause. This UZH spin-off is researching an innovative treatment approach to combat multiple sclerosis. Finally, the active ingredient aducanumab, which was discovered at the University of Zurich, was approved for use in the USA as a treatment for Alzheimer’s disease. The spin-off Neurimmune licensed aducanumab to the US firm Biogen back in 2007.

Four new spin-offs are now seeking to bring their products and therapies to market. These include, for example, a device that checks the quality of donated organs (QRsens), a drug based on psychedelic substances to counteract depression and anxiety (Reconnect Labs), a drug to treat malignant brain tumors (InCephalo) and immunotherapies to combat cancer (Vector BioPharma).

Since 1999, a total of 147 start-ups have been spun-off from UZH. They have all developed new products on the basis of UZH research findings or technology and brought these to market maturity - or are currently in the process of working towards this goal.

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