Zurich - Vay Sports develops a fitness app based on artificial intelligence. It films users while training and provides real-time feedback on posture. The solution will not only enhance workout results but also prevent injury.

There are already a large number of online fitness videos that users can follow at home or in the fitness center itself, but they do not monitor whether users are doing the exercises correctly. The Zurich-based start-up Vay Sports has now developed an app based on artificial intelligence (AI) that will change this. The app uses the camera on the user’s mobile phone to film how they perform the exercises. It can compare the user’s posture with that of the trainer in the video. If necessary, the app provides users with real-time feedback on posture errors. It helps prevent injury and make training more effective.

Vay Sports has developed the app in collaboration with researchers from the University of Zurich. According to an article at startupticker.ch, a Beta version is now available in the Apple and Android app stores. The final version of the app will launch in September with six personal trainers from around the world.

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