Übermorgen Ventures is allocating 50 million Swiss francs for climate-conscious startups. The venture capital fund’s aim is to cut one million tons of CO2 every year, which is around two per cent of the total emitted in Switzerland.

The venture capital fund Übermorgen Ventures is seeking to lower CO2 emissions by one million tons every year in Switzerland by investing in climate-conscious startups. Investors have already pledged 20 million Swiss francs for the fund, but the goal is to reach 50 million francs by the middle of 2020.  

Behind Übermorgen - German for "day after tomorrow" - are Adrian Bührer, startup investor and consultant; Myke Näf, Doodle founder and tech entrepreneur; Elena Walder-Schiavone, venture capital attorney; and Alexander Langguth, ETH and McKinsey alumni with extensive experience in cleantech and climate change.

Übermorgen VC seeks to slow down climate change
Übermorgen founders Alexander Langguth, Elena Walder-Schiavone, Myke Näf and Adrian Bührer (from left to right)

According to the founders, systematic transformation across every economic sector can help limit global warming to two degrees Celsius. They cite examples such as the energy, construction and building, transport, industrial, agriculture and forestry sectors. “We are looking for startups in these fields who are developing innovative products, re-thinking business models or bringing effective technology to the market,” said Langguth.

The Übermorgen board includes renowned personalities from the Swiss startup and sustainability scene, such as Nicolas Bürer, CEO of digitalswitzerland, and Jan Wurzbacher, CEO of Climeworks.

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