Drohne von Verity Studios in Aktion

Zurich – Startup Verity Studios from the Greater Zurich Area has developed a new algorithm that helps drones land safely after propulsion system failures. This solution will help prevent crashes and can be integrated in all quadrotors.

Verity Studios develops indoor drone systems, for lighting displays at live concerts, for example. The company is now launching a solution that could be used by all drone manufacturers. Verity Studios has developed an algorithm that prevents drones from crashing. In the event of a propulsion system failure, the drone stabilizes itself using the sophisticated algorithms and can then be safely navigated to an appropriate landing location, it was reported in a press release.

According to Verity Studios, it is the only solution of its kind on the market at present. Drone manufacturers currently use expensive systems such as parachutes in their drones for such eventualities. The cost of this algorithm-based solution is much lower by comparison. As it is a code-based solution, it requires no additional hardware and adds no extra weight to the drone. The algorithm can be installed in all quadrotors. Verity Studios highlights that the vast majority of consumer and commercial drones in operation today are quadrotors.

Raffaelo D’Andrea founded Verity Studios as a spin-off from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETH). He is a recognized expert in the field of artificial intelligence and previously also co-founded Kiva Systems, which was bought by Amazon in 2012 and has since been renamed Amazon Robotics.

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